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The Priest Who Paints in Tights!!

Meet Tomas Munskas

Mr Tomas Munskas Larsson a man of many skills and vast knowledge in his various fields of occupation. 

Based in Örebro County Sweden.Married with 3 adult daughters and 2 grand children Tomas Munkas Larsson is a man of many talents 

Practicing As a Preacher in his local church Mr Munkas has become known for his beautiful artwork and love of Tights

But thats not all being a Theologian and a therapist exposes Tomas to the reality of peoples lives and in helping them create a better future.

This Lover of U2 Irish Rock Band and Jazz creates beautiful art pieces while wearing our Adrian Mens Range in his studio.

A firm believer in God and that Love,Joy,Creativity and Peace all  go hand in hand is what creates the platform for some of his beautiful pieces of art.

A member of The Art of Sweden a free cultural organisation in Sweden providing a platform for  writers, actors, photographers, dancers, visual and art exhibitors, artisans and many more.

Tomas expands on his art not only on the canvas but in his life too by pairing his tights to his outfit.Being A Professional Artist,Priest & Therapist Tomas is able to translate feelings which he might have experienced in his normal daily life into his art.

Being a Professional Artist Tomas has created his own style called the Munkas Style.  


If you would like to see more of Tomas`s Artwork he may be contacted on the following social media by clicking below:





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