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Nose Hair Grooming Tips for Guys

Nose hair….

….we all have it.

Nothing to be ashamed of.

Unless you let it get out of control………

If you let those nose hairs grow to a point that others notice – especially women (who are on average shorter than us men!) – you’ll have others thinking about your nose hairs……which isn’t what you want 

In today’s article, I give you 5 different nose grooming methods and tools you can use to get the job done.

The goal is to make nose hair trimming a part of your routine so that you avoid potentially embarrassing situations.

1. Nose Hair Scissors

There are specialized scissors made to cut nose hair. You do NOT want to go with nail or cuticle scissors which can do the job but open up the risk of injury with their sharp ends.

Instead opt for ones that are especially created for grooming the nose. They are easily recognizable by their smooth rounded edge.

Scissors are the most popular method of grooming nose hair and are probably the easiest.

2.Battery-powered Circular Nose Hair Trimmers

As its name suggests the second option for nose hair trimming runs on batteries and moves in a circular motion due to the shape of its blade.  The first ever trimmer I had used this technology, and for many it’ll be just fine.

Also there are advantages to having a battery operated trimmer- for one it eliminates having to manually tweeze saving the user effort.

3.Battery-powered Non-circular Nose Hair Trimmers

I’ll admit – this one is my favorite.

Among all of the different nose hair grooming tools, this is my personal favorite as it is easiest to use and has never pinched me.  It’s fast, painless, and so far works without a hitch.

4.Nose Hair Waxing

Waxing is a way to keep nose hair under control for a long period of time (a month?).

The downside?

PAIN & Expense 

5.Nose Hair Tweezers

 Tweezing one’s nose hair is not for the faint hearted.

To put it bluntly, it is the most painful way of grooming nose hair (I make this claim without first hand knowledge of waxing – sorry)

Because of the pain I personally do not recommend tweezing except for one offs or stray hairs.

However, the upside is that tweezers are the easiest tool one can get for nose hair grooming.




Grooming Your  Nose Hair Regularly

Create a weekly schedule to control your nose hair growth – more or less depending on your genes!

In my opinion, every man should set aside at least thirty minutes to an hour a week to cut nails, remove hair, and check yourself for abnormal lumps and body developments.

Think prevention and being proactive vs receiving negative feedback and being reactive!


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