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Is This Appropriate For My Age?

Is This Appropriate For My Age?

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As my 30''s creeps closer the question constantly pops up is this still appropriate for my age, ass-if I'm on the brink of an existential mid life crisis, at age 26, yes that is how old I am. And yes I am aware that I am still very young. With the start of a professional career and a wave goodbye to student life you have to stop to look where the bridge is towards a cleaner more professional look. So at the moment all it boils down to is a split personality of styles when it comes to my work attire and my 'lets have fun' weekend clothes which forces the question "is this still appropriate" and a semi mid life crisis to boot. 


The following outfit from Yoins is red, short, revealing and I like it. We are not suppose to care about what will be socially acceptable regarding your look, but somehow society has forced us into these roles where we constantly worry. No I won't get a promotion in this look, Ill probably get fired to be honest. But the less I am going to care, the more it will embody who I am, and less so what I would want people to think I am. Something to think about!


Romper: Yoins

Choker: Yoins

Stockings: Adriansa

Ofelia Tights Worn By Loots In Fashion

Loots In Fashion Wearing Ofelia Tights



By: Foots In Boots    2017-07-28 16:20:10   


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