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Velvet & Tights By Foots in Boots

Velvet and Tights

February 7, 2017

One thing that we South Africans have never been lucky enough to have access to is a good quality pair of desirable tights. I’m not talking about your ordinary tights which we do in fact have access to, rather a pair of tights that causes a tumultuous effect of “I have never seen anything like it and got to have it right now exclamation, exclamation”. Essentially every time I have traveled to Europe in the past, one of the main things I have always stocked up on once arrival was a pair of glamorous stockings, which they have, rows and rows off the damn things. It is just one of those items that has never crossed over to our country, until Adrian South Africa emerged to the scene that is..

Below is a series of photos shot by me in my mess of a room, in my favorite pair of Adrian tights which creates a unique yet sexy fashion staple. I have found a momentary love for wearing three quarter pants over statement tights, while paired with what is known as one of my favorite fashion trends at the moment, midnight blue velvet pants. The latter came only after an evening of indignant allegiance and 30 bodies packed on a somewhat small balcony, enjoying what we South Africans do best which is to "braai" (barbeque). A Stranger wore a pair of velvet pants and I decided it is time! I feel that velvet ads fluidity while also being flattering to the body, and without a doubt this pants from Zara adheres to a leaner silhouette. And lastly a pair of boots from Zaful.


Tights: Adrian South Africa

Boots: Zaful

Pants: Zara















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